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An immediate solution for many bird problems.

Designed in Australia. Thorny Devil Bird Spikes are the most advanced of their kind. They provide a simple cost effective way to deter birds from roosting in the wrong places.

No mess from bird droppings means a cleaner living area. The public nuisance disappears along with the costs of continuous cleaning and maintenance. “See video”

The unique “Double Trident” spike formation presents up to five times more deterrent spikes, the highest concentration of deterrent points of any product currently on offer. This alone is good reason to make them the “Specifiers Choice”.

Our polycarbonate material is strong, flexible, clear, resilient and resistant to both UV and impact. They’re also easy to attach using a couple of dabs of ‘neutral cure’ silicon adhesive, or screws.

Pieces cover a bigger area than their foot print (up to 70% wider than their point spread). For example, when used to stop birds roosting on a domestic air conditioning unit; only 3 or 4 pieces (a few dollars) might be needed. Fitted in ranks, they install in 1-2 minutes.

Bird Spikes are very useful in maintaining the attractive appearance of buildings, signs and various other structures, while simultaneously protecting the cleanliness and public amenity of surrounding areas.

Low cost, durable, easy to fit and simple to clean, Thorny Devil Bird Spikes are a good way to protect public health and amenity.

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Sick Building Syndrome & Other Health risks

“It has been suspected that “Sick Building Syndrome” can be fully or partially caused by buildup of bird droppings, especially in or near HVAC systems.

Measurements of the indoor air revealed several disease-causing organisms, Chlamydia psittaci, Cryptococcus neoformans, and Histoplasma capsulatum, which is often present in bird droppings, and all can cause pulmonary infections”.

Proper Cleanup Procedures

All this disease could have been prevented by proper clean up of bird droppings and than setting up an effective bird control system.

According to the Hazardous Material Management Web Site, the most probable exposures to disease may be from maintenance activity, which requires cleanup of an excessive build-up of bird droppings on building surfaces or around HVAC equipment.

As there may be exposure to disease from maintenance activity, respirators with HEPA cartridges should be worn, as well as disposable coveralls. To reduce airborne spore levels, the bird droppings could be wetted prior to cleaning..

It is also very important to inform workers about potential disease and the precautions which are required.
All workers who may become exposed should undergo proper training before starting any cleanup.